Before a builder ever even considers the idea of hiring a scaffold, a builder needs to know the things that a builder needs to know before a builder hire a scaffolding company. There are numerous things that a builder must know about scaffolding before a builder hire one. Some of these things comprise whether or not a builder should hire a local, state, or federal contractor; if a builder should hire one person or a multi-person operation; how much the total fee of the plan will be; and the proper accreditation, certification, or licenses that the company a builder hire has. The things that a builder need to know before a builder hire a scaffolding company are pretty numerous, but what is most important is for a builder to make sure that a builder does the research necessary to ensure that the company that a builder hire is licensed, certified, and professional enough for the job. There are a few things that a builder should know before hiring a scaffold company.

A portfolio of positive testimonials from satisfied customers is the first thing a builder needs to know before a scaffolding hire companies like FiveStar Scaffolding. A portfolio is the company’s entire history, from the day it started until the present. By looking at a portfolio of positive testimonials, a builder can quickly determine whether or not the company does what it says that it does. Companies that are reputable and have a long history should show off a steady stream of satisfied customers.

Be sure to look at the actual portfolio of work that the company has done in the past. While looking over the portfolio, pay close attention to any listed jobs similar to the job that a builder wants to be done. For example, if a builder is interested in hiring electricians, a builder should make sure that the company in question has done work for various large commercial businesses, as these are the companies that a builder is most likely to run into when a builder is trying to hire electricians. On the other hand, if a builder is looking for an installation company, a builder does not want to hire a company that has never installed anything before. Again, a portfolio will help a builder to determine which companies are best for their needs.